ForceBrands' Roundtable discussion is a targeted and intimate opportunity for your company to network with a group of CPG Industry professionals and play a part in an engaging and educational discussion to unite a small group by focusing on the issues that keep them up at night.   Roundtable discussions can be customized by vertical or function as well as format, by hosting a private forum or inviting a live audience 

  • PRIVATE ROUNDTABLE: Intimate discussion among 8 to 10 panelists, led by a member of the ForceBrands editorial staff or a designated professional moderator, recorded for an audio podcast, and covered in ForceBrands Newsroom. (No live audience)
  • LIVE AUDIENCE ROUNDTABLE: Moderated discussion among 3 to 5 panelists for an invitation-only live audience, recorded for an audio podcast, and covered in ForceBrands Newsroom. 


  • Hosting of Roundtable at sponsor’s offices (Sponsor provides seating and refreshments. Sponsor may choose another venue at sponsor’s expense.)


  • Access for up to two (2) sponsor representatives to network with panelists before and after panel discussion.


  • Opportunity to welcome panelists with opening remarks (5 minutes) before the discussion begins.


  • Sponsor recognition by the moderator during the intro.


  • Sponsor logo inclusion alongside coverage in ForceBrands Newsroom


  • Private Roundtable only: Opportunity for one (1) representative from your company to participate as a panelist in the roundtable discussion, if applicable.

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